The ancient kingdom of Siam was undoubtedly a sight to behold and remnants of that empire still remain in various monuments and temples. These relics are often awe-inspiring, but there is so much more for the modern visitor to this magical country.

Thailand is no longer the preserve of backpackers, but it retains a draw, an energy which brings visitors back. No city has a bustle quite like Bangkok, no coast has quite the choice of accommodation from the modest to the palatial, and Thais have a uniquely wicked sense of humour.

I used to live in Chiang Mai and, like many others, find it hard to resist the temptation to return to a country so full of contradictions. The Thais are so inescapably funny, so extraordinarily hard working and so indescribably upbeat. This country is magical.

Did I mention the food?

Need to Know 

Getting there

– Bangkok is about a 10-hour flight away from London flying direct with BA or Thai Airways.

Getting around

– Thailand has an excellent network of domestic flights; these are usually the quickest and most convenient way to travel. There are some trains if you are so inclined, and you might also have the odd car/boat transfer to get you to your final destination.


–  Thailand’s dry season runs from about November–April but it’s a tropical climate and there is always a chance of rain. These are generally short outbursts. The rest of the year you’ll get slightly higher temperatures and it can get humid, but on the up-side there are fewer tourists and hotel rates do go down.

Visa/ entry requirements 

–  Tourist visas are issued on arrival.

Events (festivals, wildlife migrations) 

– The biggest events of the year are the Water and Light festivals in November and April respectively. In the countryside and within hotels these can be lovely occasions but out in the big cities they can actually be rather hectic and best avoided. Other smaller and religious festivals take place all year round and if you are interested we can work out a way of fitting them into an itinerary.

Quick Facts

When to go:

November-April are the most predictable months and should be warm and dry.

Time difference:

GMT+7 hrs


From £2300 per person for a 10 day trip.

Recommended Read:

"The Beach"by Alex Garland. It's a backpacker's page turner but it's quite a fun read.

Must pack:

Large bottle of water to quench your thirst after all those chillis.

Did you know?

It's quite normal not to use chopsticks but the Thai custom is to use the spoon when putting food into your mouth, not a fork.

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