• Ed and Hermione

    Honeymoon to Maldives

    Thank you very much! It was a brilliant trip, Hermione and I had such fun! You and your team really looked after us. Such a relief to have flights booked the boarding passes ready when we left. The hotels you recommended were really special and the staff were outstanding and Emirates was good choice.

    Very Well done!

  • Piers and Marianne Rance

    Holiday to South-East Asia

    Piers and I would like to thank the Passepartout team for a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime holiday. From leading us through various ideas at our first meeting at home, to working on our behalf to secure the best reservations and local guides, ensuring we found boarding passes along our route as needed; this was a no stress, total escapism holiday.

    We’re now excited for the Christmas plans we are working on with you!

  • Alexander Herold

    Holiday to The Caribbean

    We definitely want to go back to the Caribbean at some point and to bring along our entire families.

    That said I’m always so interested to see other parts of the world, we are still interested in Bhutan and I would like to see South America at some point. Either way we will be in touch with you again in the future.

    Thanks so much again for helping us to have such a lovely relaxing interesting vacation!

  • Eleanor Nalle & Friends

    Holiday to Central India

    We are all talking about what a wonderful trip it was and are quite sad to be returning to “real life.” The best thing about the trip was the variety of experiences and accommodations, even at the game parks. I know you saw the photos of the gaur and the leopard – that was one of the best all time viewings for everybody. Our hosts were great. And the food was good everywhere!

    All the connections and pick ups and drop offs went seamlessly, and your team in India should certainly be congratulated for managing all those details on the ground. We liked the guides and drivers too. Our escort in Mumbai was quite an experience…

    You should have seen us staggering along with our shopping purchases. Everybody was reunited with their stuff as planned, and it was a real challenge to get everything into the bags. All those scarves and silk and cotton are such an incredible bargain and so lovely!

  • Spencer Ford

    Holiday to Sri Lanka

    Thanks Laura, for all your help!

    It was a really wonderful trip, your suggestions were spot on and the resorts were absolutely stunning. We especially enjoyed our driver, who was not only an excellent driver but good company and put up with our tardiness. We’d recommend him to anyone!

    Sad that the trip is over, but well satisfied with it.

  • Tom Davy and Lucy Dickens

    Holiday to South-East Asia

    Many thanks Laura, for making all the arrangements and interpreting the brief so accurately – we had a fabulous time. The weather was great throughout, the hotels were spot on, each in their different ways, your guides were knowledgeable and fun: we had a particularly good time in Siem Reap, the hotel here was really stylish and characterful with immaculate service, lots of space and great food.

    We loved the charm, friendliness and food at Luang Prabang (interesting fact: nobody sounds their horn and they all drive slowly). After all the activity, Kep was a really chilled out place to unwind. The weather was perfect – cooler than Siem Reap and we loved the spa, the crab market and the yacht club. Also, the way they light up the grounds and the jetty with flares and candles at night and the dragonflies. We could easily have stayed another week.

    The guide arranged by you at Hanoi led us admirably through the city and we had a locals lunch of Pho noodles on those mini plastic chairs. This was one of the best lunches we had, for about $2 a head.

    Thanks again – we will definitely be back, as soon as possible.

  • Simon Martin

    Holiday to India

    Just a brief note to say many thanks to you and everyone else involved at Passepartout for organising a truly memorable trip to Rajasthan for me.

    Having travelled to a couple of locations in India previously under my own guidance, I know what a wonderfully difficult place it can be ! However with your extra knowledge, planning and friendly local team guiding me, the whole experience was just fantastically seamless and allowed me to just enjoy each and every moment of the trip. Be it key suggestions such as the amazing old fort you recommended me to stay in on the outskirts of Nagaur or just smaller details like specially arranging for a bit of cycling at the Leopard Camp in Jawai (riding a trail which I believe you helped create personally), everything just worked and made my first visit to Rajasthan one that I will never forget!

    I’m sure I shall be returning to Passepartout for more in the near future!

  • Mary Downs

    Holiday to Cambodia

    Thank you for persuading me to choose Cambodia, Laura. We will never forget the warmth and kindness there.

    Everything was perfect…right down to the very last detail. It was so wonderful to go to such a far away place and yet feel so secure that all the arrangements were completely under control.
    The schedule for the trip was so well considered and so well organized by Passepartout. We felt very spoilt but at the same time loved it all!

    I will never forget the first time we saw a temple at Angkor, the cycling and kayaking on the lake, the picnic lunch specially arranged for us among the ruins. Stunning!

    And our beach stop was simply idyllic! Arriving by that beautiful launch was unforgettable.

    We have had the best holiday experience ever!

  • Polly Tye

    Honeymoon to Maldives

    A massive thank you to Laura for organising our honeymoon. She was super patient with all my questions and stresses. Then we finally went on honeymoon and I have to say it was the best trip of our lives. Taking Business class, as recommended by Laura, was so worth it. Then we got to the paradise. What a place! I was a little worried that the bare foot/eco vibe wouldn’t be us but it so was! We were treated like royalty, a little free extra or treat or surprise in our room every day. The food was out of this world and we were looked after by the most amazing member of the staff who had been there since the start and looks after all the celebs and royalty so we were in very good hands. The best bits, so many to choose from but, the stunning outdoor bathroom, our bikes and canoeing round the island then plopping off the end of the canoe to snorkel the reef. We also saw a group of eagle rays swimming under our villa which was amazing.

    We are back but still on cloud 9 and just love day dreaming about our perfect honeymoon! We so look forward to our next holiday with Passepartout!

  • George and Olivia Wallace

    Honeymoon to Sri Lanka

    Laura designed a wonderful and faultless honeymoon for us in Sri Lanka. All the details were carefully planned and organized and we loved every moment. Our first few days were in a private Villa in Weligama. We cannot think of a better way to have started our married life. From there we went inland to explore the tea plantations at the most gorgeous colonial style bungalow serving the best food in Sri Lanka! By the time we got to the Cultural Triangle we were ready for exploration and we have just the right amour of time there. Special mention about our driver, carefully selected by Laura, we think he was part of the reason we loved our trip so much. He is such a nice man, knowledgeable, charming, patient, we could not rate him high enough.

  • Eleanor Nalle

    Holiday to India

    Laura did a wonderful job for us, and I know all four of us on the trip thought her arrangements and suggestions were just right. She is very big on details, which is terribly important on a trip to India! This included knowing which rooms were the best at every hotel, and which of these were worth paying the premium to have.

    Laura’s ground handlers in India also did a seamless job on all the transfers, including always meeting us no matter how delayed the flights were, or how late the hour. The guides they provided were top-notch. If celebrity attachment is any indication of quality, I am happy to point out that our accompanying guide in Varanasi had recently taken Judi Dench all over India, and our guide in Jaisalmer had just finished flying around the northwest in a helicopter with Paul Allen.

    Our itinerary was a bit different: Delhi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Bandhavgarh, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Udaipur. We wanted to do even more, but Laura quite rightly pointed out that it would have been way too much to add any more stops. She knows her stuff. I can say without reservation that we are going to ask Laura to plan our next trip to India, and we look forward to the planning process, which is often as much fun as the actual trip.

  • Charlie and Molly Smith

    Honeymoon to Sri Lanka

    ‘I associate Passepartout with complete peace of mind – that you will be staying somewhere delightful, that they’ll be expecting you and that your transport and other needs will be taken care of and often anticipated by delightful and knowledgeable people.

    Laura and her team take time to find out exactly what your idea of a good time is and where and how you want to focus your time and money. Armed with first-hand experience of where you’ll be heading, they then custom-build an itinerary that suits you. Getting so relaxed, so quickly is well worth paying for.’





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