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There is always a temptation to try and see and do everything. ‘I’m in India therefore I must see…’ turns into ‘It’s Tuesday so it must be…’. Take a step back and remember the things you enjoyed most about the best holidays you’ve taken. It’s probably not the trips packed to the rafters with sightseeing, moving around every other day.

Often you’ll get more out of a holiday spending more time in fewer places. You can unpack properly, relax and take the opportunity to get to know local places, faces, cultures and cuisines. While away an afternoon under a tree reading a book. Have yourself a proper break. Life is hectic enough at home and to have a little tranquillity and space is a luxury that in fact you can afford. Indeed travelling slowly makes trips much more modestly priced as you aren’t paying for the extra transportation.

There are a few places which particularly lend themselves to this sort of travel. Stay in a converted fort on the banks a river and you’ll find a gorgeous hotel run much like a house party. Take a boat ride in the evening for sundowners; visit local temples which you may have entirely to yourself; stroll along the river watching the village come to life early morning; take tea in town and exchange gossip with your neighbour; take a dip in the heat of the day; and lastly when you turn up at the airport to head home give yourself a pat on the back for having such a relaxing holiday and probably finding out more about your destination than all the other hectic travellers around you.



There are so many wonderful places to stay, destinations to consider, where there are loads of diversions to keep you occupied, hidden temples and lesser known forts which you need time to visit. Rather than taking a standard route in India, stick to a few choice places and take time to explore the hidden gems.

Sri Lanka

Down on the South-West coast you can easily take a villa for a couple or even a large group of friends, from which you can explore wonderful countryside and beaches. With so much to do from one region you can just relax in one place not even needing to pack and unpack.





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