Private Parties


What more exciting way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other special occasion than by taking a group of your friends and family for an unforgettable holiday or even just a long weekend?

Modest parties can take place in private houses which you can take in their entirety, just devoting the odd night to dinners and dances, puppet shows and fireworks.

Or push the boat out and take over your own fort, your guests can be transported by elephants up the ramparts, entertained by musicians playing traditional songs and dressed in tailor-made garments.

Perhaps you’d like to play Lawrence of Arabia and have a weekend-long desert camp, celebrating into the night as well as during the day with camel racing and wadi bashing at your own, private, remote, but luxurious settlement.

We have loads of ideas for what you might do to mark the occasion so get in touch and let us inspire you.



If there is anywhere in the world where it can be done, it will probably be India. With extraordinary forts, palaces and deserts to host your event and a can-do attitude, it’s tricky to beat India for shear choice. We have organised spectacular parties from long weekends to two-week journeys.


We have some wonderful contacts in Oman who, with us, have organised unforgettable parties in the wilderness, combining extraordinary landscapes and terrains with amazing once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.





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