Private Homes


Having the privacy of your own space while you are travelling can feel like an extravagance. In fact, it often turns out to be great value for money and an excellent solution for anyone from couples to larger families and groups of friends. Villas and private houses are staffed so you don’t have to worry about any household chores, and there are always back-up services should you wish to make any excursions.



From ultra modern to traditional Balinese there are hundreds of villas to choose from on Bali, Lombok and even further afield. The key here is knowing which has the best location and staff. This will differentiate one from another.

Sri Lanka

There is a wealth of gorgeous villas, beautifully designed, on the coast and inland, both large and intimate. Most are found in the south-west and with loads of excursions in that area it’s easy to see why you might just base yourself in one place and explore from there.


With an open-minded approach to architecture, Australia has some jaw-dropping private properties from luxury by the sea to rural estates. We have access to houses not always made available to the general public.





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