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  • Africa

    Wild deserts, prehistoric landscapes and lush valleys, Africa is the home of great wildernesses. The unknown for the Victorian explorers, the continent has been on the radar for discerning travellers for decades

  • Carribean

    The Caribbean conjures up images of white sand beaches and far flung islands but it is important to recognise that each destination has its own attraction, culture, cuisine and also price point. 

  • Bhutan

    With a sophisticated, well-preserved culture and rolling velvet hills, meandering up to the distant snowy peaks of the Himalayas, the Kingdom of Bhutan has a draw like few others.

  • India

    India is not merely a country, it’s a continent. Travelling there is an assault on your senses: spices, colours, palaces, temples, bustle and a magic hard to articulate.

  • Maldives

    The Maldives is the ultimate picture-perfect destination. The sand really is that white and the sea really is that azure. But you still want to know the right place to go.

  • Nepal

    Home to the highest peak in the world, Nepal has so many stunning, jagged attractions that you might be forgiven for thinking that the country is only about trekking.

  • SriLanka

    Gorgeous, verdant, oft-overlooked Sri Lanka takes shelter just to the south-east of India. For some time now the country has enjoyed peace and the signs of prosperity.

  • Cambodia

    Steeped in extraordinary ancient and tragic recent history, Cambodia is justifiably most famously home to the sprawling temples of Angkor.

  • Laos

    The recent dramatic increase in numbers of visitors has been handled sensitively, and the impact has generally been positive. Of particular interest is the revival of many now thriving arts and crafts traditions, some of which had been underutilised and all but forgotten.

  • Thailand

    The ancient kingdom of Siam was undoubtedly a sight to behold and remnants of that empire still remain in various monuments and temples. These relics are often awe-inspiring, but there is so much more for the modern visitor to this magical country.

  • Myanmar

    Myanmar is a fascinating destination and one that has remained off limits for many would-be visitors following the international travel ban. Now lifted, this beautiful country is open for business.

  • Australia

    Australia is a remarkable continent and a land of huge contrasts – untouched deserts, ancient rainforests, mystical Uluru, productive wine country, the mighty outback, the vast unknown interior, idyllic Barrier Reef Islands and sophisticated cities. 

  • Japan

    Japan occupies a unique position in showcasing slick cities and sleepy verdant countryside; it’s a fully developed yet definitely ‘alien’ country. There is an allure to this fascinating and highly complex culture, but planning a holiday can seem daunting to a new visitor.

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