With years of experience in the industry, organising all sorts of holidays, we find that planning honeymoons is amongst the most exciting. The obvious thing is to book two weeks in the Maldives but, blissful though it can be, honeymoons don’t come in one-size-fits-all. The key is knowing both parties. Often the bride has one perfect image and the groom another. Don’t fret! This is where not only our expertise but also our experience comes in.

Rather than concentrating on a destination, we think that the better approach is to think firstly of the style. A few key words like ‘relaxation’, ‘active’, ‘tribal’, ‘heritage’, ‘authentic’, ‘glamorous’ and ‘wilderness’ will help us get a feel for the style of the trip.

Consider having experiences like hot air balloon rides, temple breakfasts, private whale-watching safaris, sand dune dinners, a full orchestra to serenade your arrival (it’s your honeymoon!) or even simple honeymoon contributions on your gift list. Talk to us about how this works.

It’s advisable to book well in advance. You would be amazed how quickly flights and hotels can get booked up and often the later you leave it the less you get for your money. Take advantage of early bird offers and cheaper seats. Also once it is booked you can tick if off the list knowing you need pay it no further attention.

And lastly, enjoy it. Half the fun of a holiday is the anticipation and this one will be a corker.



Want to do something truly out of the ordinary for your honeymoon? Getting out into the sticks of the last Shangri-la might be just the thing. There are some stunning and luxurious lodges but for the more adventurous couples, you could also consider a short trek.


Ok so it’s a bit obvious but for total relaxation, ultra luxury and breathtaking seascapes, few places can rival these thousands of tiny Robinson Crusoe getaways. Combines well with Sri Lanka and South India.





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