Going Solo


Travelling alone can be a joy, allowing you opportunities to do your own thing, at your own pace, meeting all sorts of people. However, it can also be a mixed blessing and if not managed properly it can be lonely. What you are looking for in hotels, guides and experiences may be very different from those travelling with friends, partners and family.

Whether you prefer a simple hotel with friendly staff or a full-on homestay, we know the unique character of the places that go the extra mile. The guides we use are all attuned as to when you want company and when you want time to absorb everything on your own. Indeed, the personality of the hotels, as well as that of our guides, is as individual as you are: another reason why we take the time to get to know you before making recommendations.

We don’t currently offer group tours however we are looking at highly specialist trips for a select party, for example focusing on the modern architecture of Sri Lanka. On some African safaris, for example walking safaris, you often travel as part of a group as standard.

We at Passpartout often travel alone. It can be incredibly rewarding so please drop us a line to start planning.



India has a great selection of gorgeous, intimate and beautifully charming and sociable lodges and hotels. We also have access to some fabulous and very personable companion guides who will ensure you have a fascinating time.

Sri Lanka

Watch this space: we are in the process of organising an exciting trip to Sri Lanka exploring the architecture of Geoffrey Bawa, a prolific architect in the region, whose work from hotels to public institutions to private homes has shaped building development all over the country. Accompanied by an expert in the field, we will have private access to a wealth of examples of his work, and you’ll even be staying in some.





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