We lead such busy lives sometimes we forget to learn. We forget to be inspired and amazed by history, art and architecture. We have organised focussed excursions for clients with a very specialist interest, like Sufism in Delhi or modern art in Hanoi. Asia particularly lends itself to these sorts of trips and we are experts in getting you away from the crowds, gaining private access to galleries and museums and organising guides who will really bring these places to life.



The modest southern Indian town of Thalassery, for example, is home to one of the most talented and celebrated Indian chef duos, Faiza and Moosa. The food in their homely hotel is simply exquisite and famous all over the country: in a state considered to produce India’s most delicate cuisine, this is praise indeed. We can arrange full courses taking in all aspects of Indian cuisine or tasters including local market visits which are very local indeed. Don’t be surprised if you can’t identify all the produce on offer. The inimitable Moosa will guide you.


Further east perhaps one of the most fascinating, intricate and complicated cuisines is Japanese. With over a quarter of a million restaurants in Tokyo alone, serving snow crab, bee larvae, marbled beef and so much more, it’s difficult to know which way to turn. Complicate this with the fact that food is not just a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds but also steeped in tradition and custom. It would be easy to spend weeks simply tasting; but more fun to come back with a much deeper understanding of the role that food plays in this complex society, as well as being able to throw a couple of excellent meals together. Food plays such an important role in every day life and our experts can help you get the very best as well as the very obscure out of your journey.

Sri Lanka

Food in Sri Lanka is quite unlike India. Most dishes are based on the country’s staple, coconut, and you never tire of the imaginative, fresh, individual and vibrant taste of each meal. Food plays a central role for those in a country blessed with such a rich soil and you’ll never go without. It’s great fun to take a cooking lesson but equally, if your interest is more in depth we can tailor a trip around the regional variations, a great way to find out more about such a stunning cuisine.





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