Cultural Sightseeing


We lead such busy lives sometimes we forget to learn. We forget to be inspired and amazed by history, art and architecture. We have organised focussed excursions for clients with a very specialist interest, like Sufism in Delhi or modern art in Hanoi. Asia particularly lends itself to these sorts of trips and we are experts in getting you away from the crowds, gaining private access to galleries and museums and organising guides who will really bring these places to life.


The list of possibilities is endless but here is a little inspiration to get you started.


Angkor Wat is rightly famous but did you know that there are in fact over 400 square kilometres of temples in Cambodia? Most tourists will visit only a few but our experts can take you to the more remote temples, allowing you the feeling that you are one of the first explorers.


Where to start? Classic trips through China will include the sights of the major cities, perhaps the Terracotta army of Xi’an, but you might also like to visit one of the old towns like Lijiang or Dali or Sonzanlin Monastery which have all been beautifully preserved.


There are probably as many temples, forts and palaces per square mile in India as there are churches in Italy. Each region has a different take on design and purpose. However, the wonderful thing about India is that there are now wonderful places of historical interest which have been converted into hotels so not only do you visit culture, you stay in the heart of it.





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