Big Trips


Want to take some time out? Perhaps you missed out on the gap year experience but can’t face roughing it. Whether it is a sabbatical, celebrating retirement, gardening leave or just an extended holiday, the Big Trip requires careful thought.

There are some wonderful journeys which take you through changing scenery and cultures. Other journeys are more personal and require you to stay in one place really getting to its heart and soul. An adventure such as this takes time and inspiration to create but we have plenty of experience and ideas you won’t have even considered. The problem you have is narrowing it down.



Such a vast and fascinating country is difficult to explore thoroughly in a two-week holiday. During the course of a month or two you could try your hand at cookery, calligraphy, snowboarding or even study Japanese garden design, while travelling the length of the country. 


So huge is this archipelago that six months wouldn’t be enough to scratch the surface…but we can always try. The key is simply to dip into parts. Perhaps a road trip to the breathtaking volcanoes of East Java combined with a gentle private boat expedition around the island of Papua. Witness the extraordinary funeral traditions of Sulawesi after having walked with dragons in the Komodo National Park.


From the tip of the country, arid and high altitude Ladakh to the lush southern backwaters of Kerala, India is at once a traveller’s dream and nightmare. Where do you start? What will be most rewarding? How many temples are too many? We know just the combinations to get you the most out of this spectacular country.





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