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Hiking, biking, trekking, riding, ballooning, surfing, micro lighting and sailing. The world is your oyster and peppering your trip with such excursions can bring a holiday to life. For families it adds a dimension to keep the kids involved and entertained.

Instead of driving, consider riding through the dusty landscapes of the Rajasthani countryside on the back of a graceful Marwari horse; swap Courchevel for heli-skiing the pristine slopes of Kyrgyzstan; rather than sticking to hotels, why not play Lawrence of Arabia and camp in the wilderness of Empty Quarter in Oman; take a light aircraft safari over the breathtaking skeleton coast of Namibia; or perhaps helicopter into the heart of the Blue Mountains, an hour from Sydney, for some fly-fishing, canoeing and bush walking, ending up with a bottle of wine next to the campfire, nodding off under the stars.

Perhaps you know what kind of adventure you are after and if so we can advise how it will best work for you. If you need inspiration, give us a call and we’ll make some inspiring suggestions.



There is some wonderful hiking not only in the beautiful but more obvious Himalayan regions but also in the central plains through stunning tribal villages. We’ve arranged day outings for families or longer hikes, bikes and horse riding itineraries through beautiful countryside staying in camps, palaces and even forts.


For the surfers, sailors and water babies, look no further. We have access to some of the best surf spots, the most graceful schooners and the top dive spots. Overland there are volcanoes to scale, rivers on which to raft and valleys to hike.

The Aussies pride themselves on their outdoor culture and it’s the home of many an extreme sport. Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or after an activity altogether more calm, Australia does simply offer it all.





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