Quick Facts

When to go:

Temperatures hover around 30 degrees year round and although there is always a risk of rain, they should only ever be short, sharp showers.

Time difference:



From £3000pp in low season up to £10,000pp in peak season in the best places.

Recommended Read:

"Fish of the Maldives" by Andrea Ghisotti

Must pack:

At least one swimsuit. You'll rarely be out of the sea.

Did you know?

The highest point in the Maldives is on the Wilingili Islands in the Addu Atoll. It’s 7 feet 11 inches above sea level.

The Maldives is the ultimate picture-perfect destination. The sand really is that white and the sea really is that azure. But you still want to know the right place to go – I’m afraid not every resort lives up to the promise of its website. Some of the resorts I have visited have had that pristine first impression but disastrous food or complete lack of privacy whereas others have gone beyond all expectation with the sort of service which ensures that the fresh coconut juice is there before even you even knew you wanted it.

You really don’t want to travel to a paradise island only to find the accommodation more akin to a business hotel in Manhattan. Equally you don’t go for loud music and an underground club. The key is finding the right resort for you, with the right atmosphere, the right style and therefore the right crowd. Passepartout’s personal focus will enable you to cut through the confusion of all those conflicting online reviews.

Activities are really limited to over water and kick back in the Maldives but you’d be surprised how much there is on offer in certain resorts.

  • Shopping, markets and food
    – Ok so there aren’t really markets and shopping is confined to resort boutiques but the food in the Maldives is divine. Most resorts grow their own vegetables accompanying them with exquisite fresh tuna and other local fish borrowing flavours from all over Asia. A real feast.
  • Spa
    – All the resorts we use have amazing spas. It’s worth booking ahead for those lovely early evening spots.
  • Seaside
    – Everywhere you look you’ll be hit by the most beautiful sea views. Impossibly clear azure seas are impossibly welcoming. Depending on the resort there is excellent diving, snorkeling, sailing and various watersports as well as dolphin watching and sunset cruises.
  • Getting there
    – Male is about a 10.5 hour flight away from London.
  • Getting around
    – Within the Maldives you’ll either reach your destination by speedboat, scheduled domestic flight or seaplane.
  • Weather
    – Temperatures are a constant 30 degrees year round (86 degrees in old money) and there is always a chance of rain. January-April are technically the driest months but May-December (except Christmas) represent much better value for money.
  • Visa/ entry requirements
    – Tourist visas are issued on arrival.
  • Honeymooners
    – It’s the most romantic of settings with all those turquoise and white contrasting colours, luxurious resorts, staff catering to your every whim and days and days stretching in front of you with nothing you need to do. Particularly if you are planning a big wedding, this could be the perfect tonic.
  • Young and Old Families
    – Some of the larger resorts are great for families. Some have specific kids’ clubs while others adopt a more creative and outdoor approach. The Maldives can be a wonderful family destination but the atmosphere of the resort will be key.
  • Big Parties
    – Some resorts have large villas, perfect for private parties and others are small enough that you could take over the whole place in which case you party wherever you like.
  • Limited Mobility
    – If you can get in and out of a boat or a plane (with assistance) resorts are more than willing to assist those with limited mobility to ensure they too can get the most out of the paradise islands.
  • Foodies
    – Resorts place a huge emphasis on food in the Maldives and you’d be very unlucky to have anything less than a delicious meal. Often guest chefs will be flown in to give menus that extra sparkle and with fabulous fresh tuna and other wonderful fish, there is no shortage of material to play with.

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