Quick Facts

When to go:

Year-round. If you have the choice, you might want to avoid the very peak seasons of school holidays. If you can't avoid them, do try and book early.

Time difference:

    Often not more than 1-3 hours ahead of GMT.


From about £3000 per person for a 10 night trip but double that and more for the more remote or exclusive experiences. Bear in mind that these costs usually include all meals and activities as well as accommodation, transport and flights.

Recommended Read:

Thomas Pakenham's The Scramble For Africa is a great, broad and wonderfully written introduction to the history of the continent.

Must pack:


Did you know?

Africa is home to the largest, tallest and fastest animals in the elephant, giraffe and the cheetah.

Wild deserts, prehistoric landscapes and lush valleys, Africa is the home of great wildernesses. The unknown for the Victorian explorers, the continent has been on the radar for discerning travellers for decades but whether you are there for the coast or for safari, given the sheer scope of what is on offer, the important thing is to talk to an expert to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Years of travel and research makes our consultants the true experts in African adventures both on and off the beaten track. Through the formation of close relationships with the best guides, camp managers and ground operators it allows us to offer the most up-to-date and unbiased advise to our clients and create a bespoke itinerary that will exceed all expectations.

Nature lovers will witness the greatest wildlife show on earth by viewing the mighty wildebeest migration or by exploring the meandering waterways of the Okavango Delta.

History enthusiasts will relish the chance to view the Roman ruins of Leptis Magna and Sabratha in Libya or explore South Africa’s battlefields whilst listening to spine-tingling stories from the Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer wars.

For the more adventurous a gallop on horseback alongside gazelle, floating silently in a hot air balloon or trekking through the rainforest to seek out the elusive gorilla and chimpanzee will satisfy even the freest spirit.

And for those wanting a bit of peace and quiet a thousand deserted beaches on Africa’s eastern coastline await.

Whether you’re a devotee or a casual participant, we can work around encompassing any of these activities into your holiday.

  • Trekking and hiking
    -There are some major hikes in high altitude terrain, for example in xxx but the other wonderful way of exploring the countryside is on walking safaris. These can occupy simply an element or even the whole basis of a trip.
  • Food and wine
    -The more cosmopolitan cities offer some of the best eateries in the world. Cape Town and the garden route are the places to indulge in gastro tours while some of our favourite camps offer the most exquisite food from world renowned chefs.
  • Historical sites
    – Northern Africa showcases exquisite ruined cities, temples and castles in spellbinding settings and while Europe teems with tourists you’ll often have many of these sights entirely to yourself.
  • Bird watching
    – Where to start? Some of the rarest as well as the most plentiful birdlife in the world is settled or migrates over the continent of Africa. Everywhere you go it will be plain to see but for the specialist you need to know when and where. Out experts have that knowledge.
  • Wildlife
    – It goes without saying that Africa hosts the most spectacular wildlife show on earth. Nowhere else can you witness such diversity, humbled by such wilderness. It really is location, location, location and there is no one place which is ‘best’. The choice is overwhelming and exhausting but fortunately all you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to our experts.
  • Spa
    – Camps often offer superb spa treatments either in-room or in dedicated spa facilities but for the spa devotees there are some excellent focussed spas particularly in South Africa, the Seychelles and along the East Coast.
  • Seaside
    – Whether you want to kick back after your safari or whether you want to devote your whole trip to being on the coast, there are some stunning options. From the crystal clear waters of the Seychelles and Mozambique to the rugged coast of South Africa, from extraordinary private villas to charming riverside lodges to the last word in luxury hotels.
  • Getting there
    – Many capital cities are connected by direct flights to the UK. For the more out of the way places you’ll need connecting scheduled flights or private charters.
  • Getting around
    – Travelling from camp to camp needs to be very carefully managed to ensure as smooth and efficient a journey as possible. Often you’ll take light aircraft but it’s also possible to link camps and lodges by other means of transport, on foot, horseback or hot air balloon, for example.
  • Weather
    – When you travel will very much depend on what you want to see and how hot or not you like it to be. At any time of the year there will be somewhere to consider and some destinations are year round.
  • Visa/Entry requirements
    – Most African countries which we cover provide visas on arrival. We will give you the most up to date information at the time of booking. You will need a valid passport and for some countries you will need a yellow fever certificate.
  • Events (festivals, wildlife migrations)
    – Many people time their travel around certain migrations and although they are a sight to behold, you must book well in advance to secure the best accommodation. Don’t overlook the cultural festivals around local arts, dance and music or even gastronomy.
  • Cultural Nuts
    -The northern band of Africa is the home to a fascinating combination of European and African architectural styles and historical sights but Africa also hosts some of the oldest tribes and traditions on the planet.
  • Honeymooners
    – Africa is an incredibly romantic destination. Make sure you don’t try to do too much though and ensure you have plenty of down time after the big day.
  • Young and Old Families
    -We’ve been arranging fantastic family holidays to Africa for many years. It’s a great place for young kids to grasp an understanding of how we fit into the grand scheme of nature, a place full of wonder. There is so much to do beyond straightforward safari and you’ll find the kids learning when they don’t even realise it.
  • Solo Travellers
    -Many camps are intimate and sociable and if you travel to the right one, you’ll find yourself able to dip in and out of a social life, retreat to your own space when you want to. African safari is a wonderful option for those travelling alone.

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